Blog kick off

Kicking off this new blog has been interesting. It’s got me to seriously assess what I need to write and how.

Obviously I plan to start in the way I mean to carry on. But know that this approach will change and mature with time.

Above all the blog will be informative and help people develop as PPM practitioners.

It would be great to edify every reader of the blog. But alas, people have different needs depending on what stage in their careers they are at. So maybe a more realistic goal is to enable every reader to benefit from my posts to some degree. That is still a worthy challenge.

Over the coming months (and years), this blog will deliver pertinent information to suit the variety of needs of its audience. How best to tackle this will, no doubt, evolve as I get feedback and comments.

In the meantime, I am planning what I will cover in the future. Aiming to deliver topics that readers will hopefully find both interesting and enlightening.

An area I will certainly focus on (in future blog posts) is the real-world application of critical PPM practitioners skills, approaches and best practice essential to successfully delivering projects. Pondering whether to call this area “From the Trenches”.

One aspect of a PPM practitioner role I relish is that the application of ones skill set changes as the project or programme progresses through its life-cycle. For example, during the initiation of a project/programme the person charged with managing the undertaking must position themselves as a leader, rather than just the manager (although that person will still need to perform the day-to-day management activities). It is imperative that the right impression is established from the outset. As a leader, the goal is to deliver results whilst getting the best from the people you lead. Then coordinate, control and drive all the other aspects to gain a level of success.

So as I progress through my own future roles as a PPM practitioner, I will write about the many interesting aspects and challenges I come across on my own journey. All being well, these will be demonstrated and backed up by real-world examples and anecdotes that other a PPM practitioners can relate too, irrespective of the industry sector worked.

My previous roles have frequently afforded me the opportunity to deal with various interesting encounters and overcome unusual challenges. At the time, I had thought these would provide essential learnings for future generations of PPM practitioners! At least these got written up in the projects/programmes “lessons learned”.

I assume that the format will be along the lines of an experienced coach. Someone whose job it is to transfer skills in a variety of ways to suit the diversity and needs of its audience.

I trust that you will find my insights helpful.

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