Business Transformation needs effective Business Execution

You know the scenario. It is rife amongst the business world. Your organisations leadership are about to make some big announcement.

You and your colleagues are called together for an exceptional meeting; expectations running wild at the thought of what change is in store.

You sit down impatiently waiting for the event to kick off.

Your leadership start, they are wearing their visionary hats. They go into overdrive, full of enthusiasm and boundless energy. Describing the “new strategic initiative” that is going to transform the business, the way “we” all work, how things will be so much better in the future.

You sit there, pinned to your seat. While the leadership seek to transform their sceptical subordinates into enthusiastic advocates, willing to push the boundaries to achieve these new strategic goals.

The “business transformation” pitch is over; everyone is fired up as they wander back to work. Expectant, awaiting a plethora of action to follow.

Then nothing.

Some months later you are called back. Your leadership excitement has vanished, replaced by frustration as the initiative has fizzled out and seemingly died.

Why is it that new initiatives don’t get off the ground?

What happens in the organisation to stifle change that is critical to an organization’s success?

Why is it that when leadership announce “new plans” to revolutionise your organization, do your colleagues roll their eyes because they know things will never really change?

Why is it that these “big plans and long-term goals” never come to pass because everyone gets so bogged down with day-to-day activities?

The answer lies in the art of business execution.

Execution is a crucial key to successful implementation of strategy, but it is no easy task!

So often leaders focus so intently on the larger picture (excitedly envisioning, strategizing and planning), that they forget that as always the “devil is in the details”.

Business execution is about achieving tangible results. It’s about turning those initial ideas into reality; those carefully created strategies into actions.

Business execution is about facilitating a carefully, planned process to actually deliver a common-sense set of connected activities. It’s about developing capabilities, forming driven teams, creating hordes of focused deliverable activities, etc. Fundamentally it is about giving the process momentum to deliver!

Business execution can be analogized as a snow ball rolling down a steep snow-covered hill. It starts off small and slow; snow accumulates on its surface as it rolls downward. Each new rotation results in more snow sticking to the surface. As it grows larger, it’s energy increases and it gains momentum. But without the initial push down the slope, the snow ball would have remained motionless.

Without momentum, such “business transformation” initiatives stall. As we are all too aware, a stalled initiative is at risk of failing.

Have you come across similar scenarios? How have they been turned around?

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