Do Projects Really Need Executive Sponsor Support?

Do Projects Really Need Executive Sponsor Support?

The simple answer is yes. But it is more than a name in the frame, what is needed is visible and active support. A successful project demands the involvement of a well-respected, knowledgeable executive sponsor with influence at the right level.

A key learning is never underestimate the power of an executive sponsor, a weak or indecisive executive will undermine the project. The business needs to carefully select a competent, energetic executive sponsor.

People easily differentiate between genuine executive support and an executive paying lip service.

The executive must be actively involved, demonstrate their support of project management and attend various project team meetings. They must champion the proposed change. Support the project by maintaining an open-door policy for problems that occur during the project life cycle.

It’s worth considering the following key factors if you want to further the viability and success of the project:

  • The executive sponsor must be identified with the project from the onset.
  • The executive sponsor must have the same level of decision making influence as the individuals controlling the budget.
  • The project should be linked to the executive sponsor’s area of business expertise.
  • This individual should have a dynamic professional relationship with the other executives, and be perceived by peers as a decision maker.

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