Action-Oriented Teams

I’m a firm believer in smarter execution. What I mean is executing better to ensure the success rate of your project, programme or initiative goes up.

One of the approaches I use is making sure my teams are action-oriented, they are focussed on the end goal and executing delivery as rapidly as possible.

I take the following steps to ensure my teams are action-oriented:

  • Unite the team to work together as a coherent unit. Encourage contribution and collaboration.
  • Insist people do what they say they will. Adopt an honest and open communication policy.
  • Before the end of every meeting ensure action items are agreed and documented, e.g. who will do what by when, so all are aware and bought into the delivery.
  • Perform meticulous follow up on actions; get project managers and team leads to do the same.
  • Provide praise for getting things done and enforce penalties when things are not done.

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