LinkedIn’s Business Transformation – Programme Leaders and Practitioners group

I run a growing professional group on LinkedIn directed at the PPM/P3M profession, those specialising on Business Transformation in the UK and EU. The group is aptly named the “Business Transformation – Programme Leaders & Practitioners” group.

The reason for setting the Group up? Primarily, I am a PPM/P3M professional specialising in Business Transformation. At the time I set up the group there was no group on LinkedIn for UK and EU professionals with a similar passion and interest. The majority of the groups I found, focused on generic PPM or had broad audience, neither offered me the focus I needed to provide real interest or benefit.

Group membership is restricted and only open to those PPM/P3M professionals experienced in business transformation and associated fields (including, but not limited to, programme directing/managing, programme advisory and assurance, business change management, strategic consulting) and also those involved in sourcing business transformation specialists. This is in order to maintain the Group’s specialist focus I opted to restrict the Group membership. The intention is to provide the most valuable benefits to its members by maintaining a high-quality, specialist focus in order to provide utmost worth to the calibre and experience of Group members.

I viewed this as a pragmatic approach. Certainly from the feedback on other LinkedIn groups and from new members to the Group it has been well received, the majority agree that its dedicated focus offers the potential to provide tangible benefits and lasting value to its members. In less than three months membership has grown to over 350 professionals, of which 95% work in the UK.

If you are a fellow PPM/P3M professional with a thirst and passion for Business Transformation (and you are a member of LinkedIn) then check out the “Business Transformation – Programme Leaders & Practitioners” group on LinkedIn at

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