Project Management Excellence Initiatives

At the utmost level, project management is the conduit between strategy and success for organisations.

More and more organisations are realising this and are aiming to achieve project management excellence. Project Management is a strategic success factor for these organisations. They see value in delivering structured projects that enables opportunities to be delivered on time, to budget and to quality expectations. Unlikely to happen without project management.

Achieving project management excellence! For many organisations this is a major challenge. But it is time to start evolving the domain of project management across the organisation.

Previously, I have worked with numerous organisations at various stages of their initiatives to develop project management excellence. I have expedited the launch of such endeavours. Performed assessments on the viability and success of other initiatives. Implemented PPM and EPM solutions to facilitate initiatives. So have more than a few insights into this area.

Where do organisations begin?

At a minimum, you need to address three areas. 1) Evolve your organisation towards a project management culture. 2) Develop project management knowledge and best practice across your project leaders and project teams. 3) Implement proven and established standards and tools suitable for your organisation to further support your project management processes.

Project management credentials are a great way to standardise the necessary skills and knowledge across the project teams. More on this in a subsequent post.

As project management gains more and more importance, you must start evolving in this domain towards project management excellence. Initiate a programme that drives excellence, change the existing cultural to ensure project management delivers the value the business demands.

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