Reporting with Microsoft Project Server 2010

Microsoft have released another very useful white paper entitled “Reporting with Microsoft Project Server 2010” written by Andrew Lavinsky from UMT Consulting Group and available on Microsoft’s TechNet site.

At first glance this might not sound too interesting, but the 82 page document is intended as an introduction to the varied reporting options available when using Project Server 2010 and SharePoint Server Enterprise, in particular the very powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities.

As Andrew states “The most compelling story within Project Server 2010 is both individual and individualized dashboards.  Not only can I now create a dashboard intensely focused on the data requirements of an individual, but I can empower individuals to create their own customized dashboards.”

Microsoft has certainly emphasised exploiting the power of their business intelligence platform recently; with Project Server 2010 and SharePoint Server one can extend it further.

Having accurate and timely information about the status of projects along with key project-related performance indicators is vital for project leaders and executives. The primary goal of business intelligence in Project Server is to help people make better decisions faster and provide key performance indicators (KPI) simply. Certainly Project Server gives users the power to improve project performance across an organisation (obviously this is dependent upon how the software platform is set up).

The new business intelligence tools in Project Server 2010 enable any user to find and analyse the project data, not only using Microsoft Office applications but utilising project dashboards (graphically-oriented interactive sources of project information) for KPIs.

The “Reporting with Microsoft Project Server 2010” white paper describes the various tools available for Project Server 2010 Reporting and how to use them.

Download it from TechNet.

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