Project managers don’t deliver projects!

Project managers don’t deliver projects!

People are projects. People, primarily those in the project team, deliver the project. The Project Manager steers them, but without the people the project does not reach it’s destination!

Project Managers lead, manage, direct, and protect the network of people tasked to deliver individual elements of the project.

Whatever the drivers for the project, it is through people that the project is delivered. Through relationships that Project Manager develops and ensuring that these are effectively managed. Deflecting interference, those external influences that may stop the individuals from delivering.

Project Managers coordinate and drive the individuals’ efforts and outputs. Get them working effectively, together. The primary role of the Project Manager is to manage the network of complex relationships among the stakeholder community, whether the core project team, the extended team or with external stakeholders.

How the Project Manager does this is key. It might be a simplistic perspective but “Projects are People”, without people a project is just something that exists on paper or in someone’s head.

The converse is also true, “People are Projects”. The Project Manager spends the majority of his/her project time focused on developing and managing relationships to ensure outcomes are achieved.

Some people become projects in their own right. I have had to deal with countless “difficult customers” who consume increasing amounts of my project time. Ignoring them would have been perilous, to say the least.

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