Do Programme Assurance functions facilitate successful transformation programmes?

Effective and timely identification and management of risks is critical to the success of any programme or strategic initiative. It is an unfortunate fact that risks are inherent whenever transformational change is being progressed.

Successful identification of risks and issues prior to critical decision points is vital in order to allow these risks and issues to be addressed before the programme moves forwards (and potentially gets into deeper trouble).

Failing to effectively deal with risks and issues will ultimately lead to delays in programme delivery, or potentially total collapse of the programme.

Obviously business leaders would like assurances that their investment in the programme is on track and that the programme will deliver the expected business benefits. To facilitate this, many leaders have introduced Programme Assurance functions into their programme (and project portfolio) organisations.

These Programme Assurance functions provide the business with an independent perspective on the management and delivery of a programme and the projects it encompasses. Most organisations have found that they significantly increase in the probability that the objectives of the programme are achieved and ultimately the proposed benefits are realised.

I would be interested in your feedback if your organisation has introduced a Programme Assurance function:

  • What, if any, significant value has it added to the delivery of programmes?
  • What have been the benefits demonstrated by the Programme Assurance function, such as significant increase in the quality of outcomes?
  • Has the Programme Assurance function facilitated transformation programme success?

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