Twitter exploits

Today was a milestone in my social media exploits via the noble platform, Twitter. I unlocked a “double whammy” by posting my 4,000th tweet and gained my 1,000th follower as @PPMpractitioner.

It seems like years ago that I commenced my journey, honed in on a super-witty username, tweaked my PPMpractitioner profile for the first (of many) times, and posted that tentative first tweet with my PPMpractitioner pseudonym!

Exploiting a few key #Hashtags, that (at the time) appeared either unused or misused, hashtags such as #PMOT, #Leadership, #Management, #RiskManagement. These hashtags ensured I kept fixated onto a few particular topics!

With the odd hashtag exception, such as #PMCHAT.  [#PMCHAT is the excellent weekly project management event hosted (nearly) every Friday at 12PM EST by @RKelly976,  @RobPrinzo, and @HalaSaleh1.]

At times it has felt like “for better or for worse, in madness and in saneness”, but I have certainly managed to jabber on, informing and hopefully educating, maybe even coaching the odd #PMOT and #Leadership follower. Other times I have engaged in dialogues with like-minded people from across the globe and made some very fine acquaintances along the way.

Early on I adopted a few simple rules. The subsequent lessons I have learned have enabled me to tweak and adapt my approach:

  • Rule 1) Tweet. Keep tweeting. Tweet more regularly. (Some day’s it’s a struggle to find a network connection so there can be days off).
  • Rule 2) Be focused. Be original. Be myself. Tweet about things that interest me in the field of leadership and management of projects (and related strategic initiatives). With the ambition that (hopefully) other people will find them interesting too and RT, comment and follow.
  • Rule 3) Watch what I say. Similarly to SMS messages tweets can be easily misconstrued, especially with the condensed format, so one doesn’t want a rant getting out of hand.

This approach appears to have been beneficial, hopefully helping my followers savour my tweets and glean useful insight along the way. I sincerely hope that the tweets have demonstrated that I care about my profession (one would hope so after 20 years). It does appear that a few other people like what I have to say and have followed me along the journey.

I’d like to thank all my followers. Your support and feedback has been very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the next 1,000 tweets.

2 responses to “Twitter exploits

  1. Terrific milestones Neil, well done! Those sort of numbers don’t happen by accident – they represent a solid, respected and substantial body of work. You should be very happy.

    • Tony,
      Thank you for your comment and positive feedback. Very much appreciated.
      I just wish there was 36 hours in a day, I might then find the time to finalising the 60+ posts I have in various states of readiness!

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