Sony Xperia Tablet Z nabs TechRadar’s Best Tablet title

For once I’ve got a product selection spot on.

I read today, with some glee, that the “Sony Xperia Tablet Z nabs TechRadar’s Best Tablet title”, pushing “iPad mini into second place”.

So once again Sony Xperia Tablet Z obtains a “Best Tablet” title.

Whilst the Sony Xperia Tablet Z looks like an enlarged Sony Xperia Z, and there is nothing wrong with that (it’s a sleek piece if kit). The Tablet Z is a big-screen Android tablet with a stunning Bravia screen (anyone with a Sony TV will know what I mean).

Plus Sony has squeezed so much innovation and functionality into a superbly light package. As TechRadar recognised “a light tablet means holding it for long periods to read or watch movies is no longer a chore”.

For me the winning element must be the robustness of the device. As it’s not only light but waterproof too.

I’ve not had a lot of luck with devices in this respect. Having “destroyed” various iPhones whilst either in one’s jacket pocket whilst out hill walking or left on a window ledge in the bathroom whilst showering (I’ve assumed that moisture has built up within the device and turned the moisture tabs blue).

I love the fact that I can run water over the device to clean it. Drop it into the bath while I’m reading a Kindle book and fighting sleep and it comes away unscathed. Or even knock a bottle of merlot over it whilst using it as a cook book. It sure is resilient!

I love it, as I’m a typical clumsy male! Especially when I’m totally engrossed in my day job, tea and coffee becomes a very real risk to other delicate tablet devices.

As TechRadar states “It’s waterproof too – sure, you might not use that feature a whole lot, but it gives it an air of ruggedness that puts your mind at ease when manhandling something that costs so much.”

Check out TechRadar’s review see what else they have to say.

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