PMFlashblog – get ready for the first ever virtual flash mob of PM bloggers

How often is the world of project management at the forefront of social dynamics, this is about to change.

Next Wednesday there will be over 70 early adopters for the first ever virtual flash mob of project management bloggers.

This unique and exciting event occurs on 25th September 2013. At 01:00 GMT there will a coordinated publishing event, with over 70 bloggers (of which I am one) publishing a blog post at the same time on the same topic. The theme selected is “What does project management mean to me – a Project Manager’s sermon”.

This global project management event is called PMFlashblog. It is the brain child of Shim Marom. A fellow project management practitioner and blogger (check out his blog)

Over the last month Shim has been in touch with dozens of project management bloggers in an effort to organize this first ever coordinated blogging flashmob.

His unique idea is “to have a large number of bloggers post an article, in their respective blogs, on the same agreed theme and have them all publish their post at the same date and time.”

Shim has “persuaded” bloggers from across the virtual world to make this a truly global event. Bloggers are currently joining in from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK and the USA.

Like myself the project management blogger community are eager adopters of innovative approaches and from the chatter on Twitter (through the hashtag #PMFlashblog) are embracing PMFlashblog.

I’m certain that this event will be a great success and like the weekly #PMchat events the rate of adoption will become self-sustaining and create further growth.

Follow the event on Twitter with the hashtag #PMFlashblog. Also check out the list of the other PMFlashblog participants on Listly

Check back on here for my contribution to the PMFlashblog.

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