Monday morning inspiration

I woke up at 5am this morning, just for the opportunity to watch the sun rise. It is not something I usually do (although I often wake up before 5am, maybe too often, when I’m travelling for business).

This morning was different. I purely wanted to watch the sun rise this morning across Ambergris Caye. You may think I’m a touch crazy (and as most project professionals agree we are) as I’m on vacation.

As I waited for the day the to break an Osprey appeared, circled overhead a few times in search of it’s first opportunity of the day.

It was taking advantage of the twilight to fish in these rich waters between the shore and the reef. Unfortunately it wasn’t particularly successful. I watched as it missed it’s prey, not once or twice, but four times. Finally it succeeded and flew off with a rather large fish for breakfast.

It got me thinking. How often do we let opportunities pass us by? Especially if we fail to succeed on the first attempt.

This was an amazing start to the day. Not only was it a stunning sun rise. But I got to witness and amazing natural event. I’m so grateful I did not miss this opportunity.

We have lessons to learn from nature. Wouldn’t you agree?


Photo: Osprey at sunrise, taken at Ambergris Caye, Belize (Neil A Walker)

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