Are you ready for PMFlashBlog2 – Project Management Around the World

We are about to experience the second round of the #PMFlashBlog. A global ’round robin’ from some of the brightest (or those socially aware) PMs around the world. I will once again be participating.

The first event occurred on 25th September 2013. At 01:00 GMT there was a coordinated publishing event, with 80 bloggers (of which I was one) published a blog post at the same time on the same topic. (More information about the event can be found on my blog)

PMFlashblog was the brainchild of Australian project management practitioner and blogger, Shim Marom. The idea is that it combines mass blog posts, a virtual flashmob event. Hence a FlashBlog.

On Monday 3rd March we witness the start of the second round of PMFlashblog. North American PM bloggers releasing their coordinated posts. This time managed by US based Mark Phillipy. (Thank you Mark for your efforts in organizing this round)

This second round will actually be split into a series of synchronised publications. Blog posts will be published to this schedule:

  1. North America : March 3, 2014
  2. Europe : March 10, 2014
  3. Australia and New Zealand : March 17, 2014

As I am in England (Europe), my post will be published with the second group on March 10, 2014 at 01:00 GMT.

So check out the event. As usual it is driven by Twitter, so follow the event with the hashtag #PMFlashblog. Same on Google+.

Enjoy it.


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