Service excellence

After a long & tiring 900 km drive today its nice to finaly relax…

Ended up booking a last minute hotel room (with a bit of negotiation for multiple upgrades), securing an amazing 16th floor luxury four room suite at a luxury 5* boutique hotel, overlooking Wellington city and its stunning bay.

The bathroom is bigger than most hotel rooms, the shower is large enough for 10 people!

The manager and his team provided service beyond anything we’ve experienced so far on our month long honeymoon. Kudos to them. Its very refreshing. Especially when one is exhausted from 14 hours on the road.

Plus the manager kindly provided a bottle of champagne to celebrate our honeymoon. This didn’t persuade us in any way. Just icing on the cake after the unexpected service excellence received in the hours since arriving.

New Zealand continues to amaze…


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