Change management needs a more agile spirit

Change management is critical in enabling organisations to evolve. But change management must evolve too.

Not everything that worked well 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, works as well today. The amount and pace of change is only increasing and organisations must adapt or they will not keep pace to the changes they must undertake and deliver.

Unfortunately it is a sad fact that organisations that find it difficult, or are reluctant or just too slow to change, run the real risk of not surviving for long.

So adapting is not only necessary, but imperative. To do this organisations must make change happen more readily and effectively.

Certainly this needs to happen rapidly, but it will only work well if there is a high degree of collaboration across leaders, managers and employees alike. There we have another challenge!

In a nutshell, change management needs to adopt a more agile spirit.

Do you agree? What insight do you have to share?

One response to “Change management needs a more agile spirit

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