Valentine’s Day special, check out #PMChat

It’s Valentine’s Day. I have an opportunity this evening to be out celebrating romance.

An intimate and highly indulgent evening with my loved one. Easy to picture, Valentine’s Dinner for two, a totally unique evening designed for the truly romantic on this Friday the 14th February.

I’m a PPM, so the plan would be, arrive in style, a glass of chilled Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne, a red rose for the lady, feast on scrumptious canapés and finally be seated for an exquisite candle lit seven course dinner, especially fine cuisine pieced together to satisfy your Valentine’s Day fancy!

This year is an exception. (Don’t worry, I escalated it to my better half already).

I’ve volunteered to run the excellent #PMChat event. So I’ll be forgoing the typical fine dining experience for “the greater good”. [Probably end up at IKEA for their discerning Valentine’s Day event, aptly named “Snöggin”, no doubt I’ll discover what this Swedish phrase means in English!]

For those unfamiliar with #PMChat. It’s a global community of project managers, that discuss topics in leadership, business, and obviously project management

As Andrew Makar stated on his TechRepublic blog post “Project managers get social with #PMChat”…

“Project managers around the world can get answers to management questions in 140 characters or less every Friday at 12:00 PM ET thanks to #PMChat.

I’ve used Twitter to find project management articles and ask the occasional question; however, those interactions were ad hoc at best and had limited engagement. It wasn’t until I started participating in #PMChat, a weekly Twitter chat every Friday at 12:00 PM ET that I understood how useful Twitter can be to actively engage in a community and obtain relevant feedback and opinions.”

#PMChat was created and hosted by US-based Rob Prinzo  and Robert Kelly and subsequently hosted by Hala Saleh.

It has built up quite a following with numerous regular PMchatters, including @michael_greer @UnlikeBefore @ruffh2o @califgirl232 @VickiPPS @EdmontonPM @SensiblePM @ankoobatra @jugglingsand @publicsectorpm @Mushcado @projectmgmt. Plus numerous others who drop in and out when schedules allow.

Today, #PMChat will be hosted from the other side of the pond (FYI: other side of the Atlantic Ocean), as I take the reins to stimulate the hour of discussion and collaboration.

Today’s topic is ‘Key PM challenges’. Those often exasperating obstacles intent on thwarting project progress! You know the ones I mean.

Please join in at 12PM EST / 5PM GMT. Hosted by yours truly!

By the way, as it’s Valentine’s Day we will no doubt struggle to avoid those incredibly pesky ‘relationship challenges”!

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