Are you ready for the 2013’s finest Programme Management conference?

In five weeks’ time we have a somewhat rare event to look forward too.

The Association for Project Management (APM) is running a very specific conference. Although it runs numerous events, including webinars, meetings and conferences, throughout the year this conference is rather unique.

For the first time, the APM is running a conference dedicated to programme management.

The conference is entitled “Delivering more for less: using programme management to deliver transformational change in an era of austerity“.

The conference has been organised by the APM’s Programme Management SIG and the SIG Committee have done a sterling effort in putting together this worthwhile conference.

The conference is aimed at “anyone working in a programme environment that has an interest in delivering transformational change within, or on behalf, of an organisation”. Plus those “who subscribe to the adage that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and have an appetite to learn and share knowledge”.

It is being held on 26th November 2013 in Birmingham, UK

For further information:

Remember to follow the build up to the event on Twitter by using the hashtag #apmmore4less

NOTE 1: The Association for Project Management (APM) is a United Kingdom based organization dedicated to advancing the science of project management and the professional development of project managers. An excellent professional organisation to join, although as I’m an active Member I might be a touch bias!

NOTE 2: The APM Programme Management Programme Management Specific Interest Group (SIG) drives programme management understanding and good practice. An excellent SIG to join, although as I’m a Committee Member of this SIG there might be a touch more bias! Follow the group on Twitter @APMprogmsig

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